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The sole purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive reference of up-to-date information on crystal meth and crystal methamphetamine addiction. Addiction on Crystal meth is an epidemic in this is country and around the world. We hope by offering this portal of facts and data it will help the families, friends and ultimately those who suffer from this devastating and insidious problem

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What is Crystal Meth Rehab?

Crystal Meth Rehab is is the therapeutic and educational process which begins recovery from crystal meth abuse. Crystal Meth Rehab is also referred to as Crystal Meth Addiction treatment. A complete assessment and evaluation, done by a professional, will usually determine the level of crystal meth rehab and treatment program is most appropriate. Inpatient rehab removes a person away from their old habits and environment, which allows then to break the cycle of using crystal meth. If someone has been through rehab before, more than 30 days should be considered. Crystal meth rehab covers a wide range of options and variables. Generally speaking, rehab starts with detox. Detox is the physical process of removing the alcohol or drug from the body. Detox is critical for several reasons. First, having drugs in the body causes a craving for more of it. This cycle of using and withdrawing is why people can't just quit on there own. Detox for drugs must be done under medical supervision to insure this process is completed safely. Currently there is no official medical protocol for detoxing from crystal meth. A period of close medical observation and supervision is certainly recommended. While a person is under the influence of crystal meth, they are not ready to participate in rehab. Inpatient rehab is where the person checks in and resides at a facility, on a full time basis. Partial, known as PHP, is half days are spent at a facility. Outpatient rehab is done on a part time basis, for a few hours several times a week, usually for several months.

Crystal meth addiction can be successfully treated through the process of treatment and rehab. Drug treatment and rehab has reconstructed thousands of lives. Rehab has been around for over sixty years. There are many different types of rehab, all of which have the same goal of helping the addict learn how to live without using drugs. Most rehab programs today include a medical, psychological as well as the 12-step component. Rehab starts with a period of medical stabilization, also known as detox. Until the substance is withdrawn from the person's body, rehab isn't effective. Once medically detoxed and stabilized, the rehab process includes education about addiction. Some rehab programs incorporate cognitive, behavioral modalities. Group therapy is generally a part of all rehab programs. The 12-step model was started by Alcoholics Anonymous and its co-founders, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. Most rehab programs support and encourage the 12-steps, as the most proven and effective means of long term, successful recovery. One of the reasons the 12-step model is so effective is the vast infrastructure of free meetings which are currently in place throughout the United States . Recently, alternative rehabs programs have emerged which are not based on the 12-steps which also are effective.

The cost of crystal meth rehab is expensive because it is health care. Full-time, inpatient or residential rehab can cost from $400 to $1200 per day. Partial or outpatient rehab is less expensive. Insurance may cover some or all of the cost of rehab. Finding the right, best rehab program is very important. Each rehab is different. We suggest you start with what funding is available, such as insurance.